Discover the perfect RV parts and accessories at Good Times Mobile RV Services LLC. We are dedicated to providing high-quality products and personalized service to keep your RV running smoothly. We will do our absolute best for same day services!

Our workmanship has a peace of mind 90-day guarantee.

Parts will be warranted by manufactures.

Our Service Fees

$150 -Service Call within 50 Miles, this includes 1st hour for diagnostic.

$275 Service Call over 50 Miles, this also includes 1 hour for diagnostic.

Hourly Rate 1 tech-$75

Hourly Rate 2 techs-$95

$300-Weekend or holiday emergency calls included also 1st hour to diagnostic.

Any service over 30 miles is $2.30 per mile to job location and not back to place of business.

We except all major credit cards including




Cash App

Apple Pay


**please not card users add 3% to transactions due to the fees.

Expert Installation Services

We are always continuing our education on the latest parts, new appliances and Technology the RV world has become. Some of the technology comes out before we can get to any training so bear with us as we will get your smart RV back up and going! We also handle all your RV maintenance and repair needs. Whether you need a simple component replacement or a more complex overhaul, we have the skills and expertise to get the job done right.

Our Story

Clint has always had a passion for helping others under duress. He understands the get up and get going again as he served our great nation and state in the South Carolina Army National Guard. He was a former M1A1 Tank Crewman, a Bradley Fighting Vehicle Crewman as well as a automatic rifleman in infantry. Adapt, overcome and neutralize the situations! Clint has always loved to figure out problems and fix it. He has also had 3 travel trailers and 1 fifth wheel over the last 21 years. So, he understands when things break while with family trying to have a vacation relaxing when the A/C Unit goes out in July/August heat! Clint decided to break away from the cooperate world and attend National RV Training Academy in Athens Texas to gain more knowledge and to graduate becoming a licensed Technician II to start his business. Leave it to us to get your RV back up and enjoying home away from home or it is your home.

We are in South Carolina, and we service areas within 80-mile circle of Lake Greenwood where we are located. NOTE $2.30 per mile is added over 30 miles.